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A surprise critique

Posted on: April 10, 2010

Real quick –

I decided to join the PA Forums today and the reason for it was because I saw some good things going on in their Artist’s Corner and Writer’s Block areas. I’ve had this short story sitting around in my Google Docs for a while and finally decided to submit to the wonders of the web to see what kind of aid I might receive. My main issue, aside from the fact that most of the people I had given it to for feedback never got back to me (I made the mistake of choosing busy people) was that I feared for my writing skills. Do I have it or don’t I? Should I re-make the illustrations I had started for this story and finally finish the project started for a Flash class over a year ago? Should I take my other ideas, now dormant in their infantile stages, to the next level? Or do I let these things die and focus on my other projects?

Ah, so many questions. But hark! Is that a reply in my inbox?! Why yes it is! As I read on I realize not only has this person taken the time to leave me a hefty reply but that they really and truly got to the heart of what I needed to do with this story, to make it into something tangible. Amazing. I couldn’t have dreamed up a more inspiring criticism. If the world is lucky, this person is already a teacher because this one’s got the gift.

Now I’m off to bed…though I doubt I’ll sleep to well. I’ll be too busy thinking. Dusting off those gears. Illustration ideas come a lot faster when you’ve got a real story to attach them to. If interested, you can find the story and the best reply I’ve ever received on anything here:

With love – M


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