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The Pale Blue Dot post and one reason it’s so important

Posted on: April 12, 2010

I suppose the photo mentioned in the above passage/video has been around for a while. No matter, I think it bares a second glance. A quick double take maybe. Just soak it all up. That’s us. We are infinitesimal. Perhaps it’s a shame that I didn’t pay close attention to the overall gravity and immense emotional factor invested in Carl Sagan’s words and the picture he holds so dear. Perhaps it’s a shame that it took an entertaining video with quickly changing images and coaxing music to get me invested in it. And perhaps even, as stated in the comments for the post, it’s a shame that the only dark-skinned person shown in said video was a single basketball player.

This does not change the fact that the most important part, the message of the passage has finally hit me and others in my position. With so much out there to read and see, it’s not suprising that so many of us young wanderers tend to miss these sort of things. The sort of things that can really matter to a person. Yes, the Catholic Church is in turmoil, there are people dieing in some place I’ve never heard of, another environmental petition war is being waged, or another scandal in the UK or US is being uncovered. These things are popular but they are not always, if ever, fulfilling.

It’s like food. My body eats healthy food so that it can take on and hopefully succeed in the task at hand. My mind and soul are no different. I try to feed them richly but in moderation so that I don’t get overwhelmed with facts and ideas. That’s possibly the hardest part for me. Not tumbling over that cliff of ‘it’s all too much’. But it’s posts like the one above that remind me why I wander here. Why my virtual feet never stop moving. There is hope. Hope that others out there understand the need to ‘modernize’ or make interesting the ideas of those that shine brightly in their own fields but lack the digital and generational savvy to speak to us wanderers.

On an unrelated side note:

The business cards for my mom’s sewing business finally came in a little while ago. I hope to have photos up shortly. They’re rather adorable if I do say so myself. Also finally finished my first painting in SAI painter tool. I say finished but really it was just a test painting to play with the tools. Several of my fabric flowers are nearing completion so be sure to check back for some photos of them during this week or next.

With love – M

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