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I have been snapping shots with various cameras since somewhere around 2004. I started with, of all things, a 1975 SLR Cannon that has one lens and one flash apparatus (which never saw the light of day in my hands). From taking the shots to sitting in a darkroom at my highschool, I fumbled for quite a while. Most of what I know now, I (and a special art teacher) taught myself then.

Cue the DSLR in 2009, riding up on white horse, shiny and new. Let the fumbling begin again!

I have completed a few projects for individuals such as head shots or specific scenery, but not enough that I feel comfortable calling myself a photographer. Maybe it has nothing to do with how many projects. The point is, my passion lies in portraits. Getting a true image of someone is akin to finding that one white flower in a field of red poppies. It’s exhilarating. Whether or not I ever become a real photographer, I don’t really care. What I care about is continuing on my journey of immortalizing people in my own way.

That said, I would love to freelance as a photography so if interested, please contact me.


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