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Praise for Robert of Penny Arcade

Posted on: April 9, 2010

Above is a  link to the PATV, Penny Arcade TV, in which I found some real inspiration. This magical being called Robert has mystified me since the first episode. Seemingly brazen before his countdown clock, confident and persistent, teetering on the edge of cocky. He is, by most accounts, not someone I would normally enjoy listening to.

However, upon closer inspection, the truth is unveiled. And on that note, I would like to say a few words into this series of tubes called the internet and maybe they’ll reach him, if not literally than ethereally.

Dearest Robert,

You have made my day. In fact, possible my week and month. What you said in the above mentioned episode may not have meant a whole lot to you when spoken but let it be known that it meant a lot to me. Of course the other members of the group are inspiring as well, all in their own ways but this note is for you alone.

Being a young professional, out roaming the halls of society, looking for a way into the next path of my career, I have taken solace in your work ethic. My situation lends me a lot of time to do with as I see fit and though I may never be as productive as I would like, I am never idle. I find your understanding of ‘the job is done when it’s done’ and that the job, life, work, what have you, is never done. Surely you enjoy what you do, as I do, otherwise you would have burned out long ago. That is the key that you hold. The work is fulfilling. It is no longer just a job to be completed. It is the life-force. I pray that you never lose it. Just as I pray that I can endure long enough to take hold of that key as well.

So thank you, Dearest Robert. And know that there is at least one person out there that finds strength in your conviction.

With love – M


1 Response to "Praise for Robert of Penny Arcade"

Interesting post! This is a complicated matter, I understand what your trying to say. This is a tough business!

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