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UPDATE 12/26 2:30 pm: He’s home!! Thank you to everyone praying on this, I really do think it made a difference. My mom found him in a neighbors screen porch just before the heavy snow started. Thank goodness!

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with my art or work… but I miss him so much!

Floyd was lost on Christmas Eve. He got outside and didn’t come back. We have scoured our house and neighborhood in search of him. He’s been indoor since we got him and has no desire to go outside, doesn’t like the cold. We believe someone may have let him inside because he’s very friendly and affectionate. He had his green collar with tag on at the time but it’s a pop off safety collar so it may have come off.

If you’ve seen him, dead or alive, please let me know!


Gray and white with a dark gray nose and gray tail

8 lbs and 6 months old


Yeah, I know. Cheap joke. But seriously, my rum is not gone. I have been totally slacking in connecting with my peers for merriment this season. On one hand, professionally and artistically I feel rather accomplished. On the other hand, I feel a little alone and left out, to no fault of my buddies. I just need to get back on the ball and balance these things out a little more.

Back to business, I uploaded a BUNCH of new hairpieces to Big & Blooming on Etsy. I’ll attach some on here and be sure to add any new designs to the kanzashi page here.  I have two questions though: #1. I was silly and didn’t choose the name of my shop until after I chose a different name as a screenname…and the shop goes by the screenname for the web address. Is this a problem? I’m thinking that once I get enough sales, I’ll make it a seperate domain name from Etsy, ie #2. If anyone is local to me and is interested in a hairpiece, would you be interested in picking up the hairpieces from me if I refund you the shipping cost? I’d even be interested in chatting about trading and so on.

Again,  thanks very much to Jenna Kempista for modeling for me and even taking a couple shots of me!

with love – M

It’s about time I did some new inkings.  It becomes so therapeutic, I don’t want to stop. All uploaded to my dA. I think I will keep lineart and finished stuffs on dA and my sketches and goof arounds on tumblr.

With love – M

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