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Thus far

After graduating in May of 2009 from Cabrini College, I began the struggle many other students face to find the right work. I worked as a freelance designer with personal contacts and through agencies such as The Creative Group.  In 2010-2011 I enjoyed working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware in their art program, Pegasus. Working with a non-profit organization was almost as eye-opening as the next step I took.

In March 2011, I left home to work in Japan for a year as an assistant language teacher (of English). I enjoyed my year abroad with my many travels and adventures but I constantly yearn to dig my fingers into art and design projects again.  My wish was granted upon my return with a lovely corporate design job thanks to The Creative Group. Saint-Gobain is a great company to work for… I only wish I could be a regular hire instead of contracted. So I’m still on the look out for something more secure or for enough clients of my own to go freelance again.


If you haven’t connected with me via my various online accounts yet, be sure to check out my LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, Monster, Behance, and other accounts linked to on my blog roll to your right.

Here are a few things people are saying about me…

“Meredith is a very talented artist with resourcefulness and drive. She is dedicated to providing quality work and more than capable of following instructions while thinking on her feet. As an art instructor working with kids in a non-profit world these are outstanding qualities that as an employer I would love to see in more young artist. She is a great asset to the BGCD Pegasus art program, and we are looking at more ways to utilize her skills, creativity, and enthusiasm. Pegasus is proud and happy to have Meredith in our family of artist.” – August 2010 – Lorraine Owens, Pegasus Artworks Director

“Meredith developed the design and final product for my wedding invitations, and I could not have been happier with the final product. Meredith was not only the creative lead on the project, but she also helped me stay within my budget, as she knew the right paper, inks and design needed to produce a quality invite without breaking the bank. She kept me on schedule and worked solely with the printer and the paper distributor, which was one less thing I had to worry about while I was planning the rest of my wedding. She is true professional with great knowledge of the design and print industry, and I would definitely use her again in the future.” June 12, 2010 – Catherine Kempista, Individual Client

“Meredith Rowe is detail oriented and always strived for and achieved perfection when producing the graphic design elements my company required. I would work with her any time and would recommend that anyone in need of top quality graphic design do the same.”October 5, 2010    Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative   Matthew Martinez, hired Meredith as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2009

“Meredith is a very goal-oriented person constantly determined to do the absolute best work she can. She is very detailed in everything she does, and is a trustworthy and dependable person. I strongly recommend Meredith without a single reservation.” October 4, 2010      Nicole Hearn, worked with Meredith while both were Resident Assistants at Cabrini College

“We hired Meredith to assist us in delivering excellent client outcomes during an intensive medical-legal review process for a pharmaceutical client. We updated multiple training programs to meet legal change requirements that included page layout, graphics, referencing and dating.

Throughout all the changes we were assigned, she was professional, highly organized and effective at delivering this work in a compressed timeline. I recommend Meredith as a graphic designer for contract work or other positions.” September 7, 2010     Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative     Brian D. McCarthy,  hired Meredith as a Business Consultant in 2010


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My name is Cristina, glad to find you here, I am a aspiring model looking for a photographer to get me started and I hope you ar interested so we could work together, looking forward to your answwer , phone 378-6276,

Hey Cristina,
I’m sorry but if you check my main blog page, you’ll see I’m actually going abroad very soon and won’t be back for a year or so. I would be interested in working together before I leave but I’m just too stressed out right now. Thanks for contacting me though and I’ll keep you in my book for the future.

Best wishes!

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