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Update October 26, 2010: New venue! St. Peter’s in Old New Castle.  If you’re a crafter looking for another venue this holiday season, give their office a call (302-328-2335)

Well well well… is it that time of the year already? I haven’t even gotten my candy for Halloween yet!

The good news is, I have been gearing up for some heavy-hitting sales to happen soon. That’s right! I will be selling a winter collection of hairpieces at churches and craft shops this season. I will keep you updated as more get added but to start I will be selling at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant during their Christmas Bazaar.

I’ll be taking pictures of the collection of pieces in the next few weeks. Let me know if anyone would like to see anything specific there.

With love – M

Mistletoe Mouse Craft Fair
November 13, 2010 | 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Bring a friend and join us at Church of the Covenant for a great time of fellowship and Holiday shopping! Shop the various vendors and crafts, pick up fresh baked goods at the Gingerbread Pantry, browse the Pink Rhino and grab a bite in our Cafe. Our famous Silent Auction is back by popular demand!

St. Peter’s Christmas Bazaar
November 20, 2010 | 11:00 am to 5:00 pm


Yes,  another kitty. For those of you that don’t know, I lost a kitty a few months ago who was very close to my heart. He lived a long happy life but now there was a hole in my life and I needed to fill it. Fast. I found Sasha on the side of the road on Kirkwood highway. The lot was next to a car dealership and she was really on edge but super friendly just the same. So I scooped her up, put out an ad for a lost kitty, and now she’s my Sasha.

Well, evidently one is not enough and my dad scooped up another ball of fluff today. They think they’re gonna call him Floyd…whatever. I’ll call him what I want. It’s not like they really pay any attention to what people call them anyway. Don’t they only hear the first sound? He’s loads more energetic than Sasha, however. He’s sleeping now…and that’s the only reason I can type. Otherwise he has to be on the keyboard, chasing my fingers.

On the the important bits. I added a few more pieces to Big & Blooming today.

With love – M

That’s right, she does. Take a look for yourself. Click the image to go to Big and Blooming and see more of that piece and others.

Next time we’ll get crazier with the makeup and background… I promise. Hehe.

Imagine that! Not only are some ladies enjoying my hairpieces but I’ve even gotten a few commissions. Yay me! Just kidding, but I’m happy just the same. Below are a few recent pieces. The brown and blue one was supposed to go with her brown hair…that she no longer has haha. Oh well, she wants me to do a second one now so it all works out.

I think I’m finding more and more that when creating a piece for a specific person, if they don’t have certain colors they always go with, get them to show you an outfit they really like. It’s a lot easier to then coordinate with the outfit. The light blue, dark blue, and magenta piece was one such item I made at the last minute to go with a shirt I really like to wear at Otakon 2010. I learned so much making that piece. Trial and error, rinse and repeat. The magenta and aqua piece was my very first attempt at making the wisteria-like dangles. Ha ha ha…that one’s going to forever sit on my shelf as a reminder of things not to do.

With love – M

Plants are one of those things that seem to be a love/hate relationship for me when painting. They can be so beautiful but, in my humble opinion, the devil is in the details. The closer I look, the more I see. The harder I try to recreate it, the more confusing and less beautiful my version of the image becomes. BUT if I ever had to choose between painting a beautiful face or a beautiful plant, I would choose the plant. There’s something about it that can be so other-worldly, so magical.

These images are of a plant piece I just finished today. It’s been sitting in a corner of my room for months. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around all those little details, why they’re so important. What do they really add to the piece? I know, I know, they’re vital to it’s very existence. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have the skill or the patiences to work on one piece for the length required to fit in all those bits.

Watercolor on watercolor paper in 5 hours.

I hope you’re able to enjoy it a little bit anyway. I most certainly enjoyed playing at it.

With love – M

One more post for the day. I tend to complete these things in waves.

A freelance seamstress thought she just needed some business cards and ended up creating her own brand with me as her design guide. Time and money were limited for this first step of branding but we managed to agree on these two as the final designs.

With love – M

Ah fall. The leaves are falling, the wind is calling, and this stupid rain just won’t stop long enough for me to get any good pictures of my hairpieces. Don’t get me wrong, rain is awesome. Rain is important. But why can’t it just rain for a day or two and be done? At least it’s given me more incentive to stay inside and work on my projects.

The hairpieces in this post are some of the few not for sale because they’ve already been sold or I like them too much to sell (or there are things about them I don’t think are good enough to sell). BUT if you see one that you like, just  let me know here or on Etsy. I would be more than happy to recreate one for you. Keep in mind that all of my pieces one of a kind. No piece will ever look EXACTLY like the one before. Don’t worry, they can get pretty close.

With love – M