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It’s been a wild ride since landing back in the States. I had found a sort of equilibrium in Japan and, though I was happy to come home to the familiar things in my life, it seems like everything’s been moving at the speed of light since I came home. I still have blog posts to catch up on in my Japan blog from as far back as November 2011.

Things feel like they’re picking up now. Even though not everything is peachy-keen. A couple updates: Joel and I have been house shopping for a couple months. We found a 112 year old Victorian in good condition but it’s under negotiations with another buyer and the banks that own the 2 leans on the house. It’s a short sale and these ‘negotiations’ have been going on for 3 months now. So we’re looking at other houses on the market… but this little beauty still has our hearts. Things keep happening to prevent us from buying other houses we may be interested in, too. An example is that one house  that had sparked our attention was going to be pulled off the market within 48 hours from when we viewed it (the seller was paying 2 mortgages and had someone interested in renting the home at least).

Another update is that I landed a nice corporate freelance position that i genuinely enjoy. Unfortunately, the don’t have enough work to keep me at full time status on a regular basis. I was also very sick during summer and fall for a rough total of 5- 6 weeks. I’ve had bad vertigo problems ever since then. Supposedly it shouldn’t last more than a year or two.

Did I mention I gained a bunch of weight before I left Japan and turns out I ‘grew’ a gluten allergy? Crazy. It’s been a big adventure and I’ve definitely stepped up my game as a cook. Making everything from scratch gives me a deep appreciation for the art.

Besides all that madness, there’s been weddings and babies and deaths and moving. Like a roller coaster. But through it all, I’ve never stop creating. For the most part, it’s been via work with print design projects but I’ve managed to teach myself some bead weaving techniques and started some new ideas for my kanzashi. Being crafty with my hands is more soothing usually than drawing. I think because I don’t have to think quite so hard but I only just started. I wonder if, as I get more advanced with hand crafts, it will become like with my drawing stuffs where it can be easily overwhelming. I’d like to do a sketch a day but for now I’m satisfied with simply doing something creative each day, regardless of what format it’s in. Cooking counts!

Below is a picture of one of my more recent kanzashi (as of June haha recent…) and Joel with our dog Baku. Baku  has been another adventure. Some rough patches but he’s doing well enough now. Rescue dogs are usually a challenge in some way or another. He just happens to be 110 lbs of stubborn Akita blood in addition.

Here’s to wishing everyone a Happy New Year. May it bring you what you seek or at least help bring you clarity.

With love- M

IMG_0700 IMG_0881


I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so. Not actually, but the song is irritatingly catchy. :ahem: Moving on, for anyone who doesn’t already know, I am leaving the US of A to live and work in Japan sometime in March. I’m hoping for the end of March… but at this point nobody knows. I have been considering how to handle my time over there as far as blogging because, obviously, I’ll want to talk about it. Likely all the time such as I’m doing right now. Sorry everyone.

Though it would be slightly easier to just have one blog for my whole life, that’s just silly. I have decided to keep this blog dedicated to my artistic and business pursuits.  In order to fulfill my need to ramble on about my findings abroad, I have created a new blog called meredithjapan. Simple. Effective. I hope. May it bring many hours of random information.

In summary, no longer will I discuss Japan directly on this blog. Unless of course it deals directly with my art stuffs. Cheers and applause erupt.

With love – M

UPDATE 12/26 2:30 pm: He’s home!! Thank you to everyone praying on this, I really do think it made a difference. My mom found him in a neighbors screen porch just before the heavy snow started. Thank goodness!

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with my art or work… but I miss him so much!

Floyd was lost on Christmas Eve. He got outside and didn’t come back. We have scoured our house and neighborhood in search of him. He’s been indoor since we got him and has no desire to go outside, doesn’t like the cold. We believe someone may have let him inside because he’s very friendly and affectionate. He had his green collar with tag on at the time but it’s a pop off safety collar so it may have come off.

If you’ve seen him, dead or alive, please let me know!


Gray and white with a dark gray nose and gray tail

8 lbs and 6 months old

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