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Wow. Am I the only one that thinks this is one of the best ideas we humans have had in a while? I caught a couple of episodes of TribeWanted on Nat Geo and I was totally hooked. It encompasses so many of my most beloved things. Sand, sun, surf, hammocks, local food, and most importantly: self sustainability. Even if they aren’t 100% self sustainable, there’s a lot of effort in that direction. I hope this idea of ‘eco-tourism’ becomes infectious. And let’s face it – it’s way cheaper that way.

My excitement doesn’t end there because I have found out that I am lucky enough to have been paired with a significant other that shares my views on vacationing. Don’t get me wrong, I love expensive food, fancy night clubs, and plush hotel rooms but…well it just feels so superficial sometimes. I like to be pampered as much as the next girl but I would rather enjoy a rougher(meaning different from my usual activities, not that I’m getting beat up or anything) vacation so that I enjoy being home in my bed that much more.

Of course, there was no short supply of sceptics when this venture first started out. Keep in mind, that article was made way back in 2006 when this project was just getting on its feet. The most important part is the 2007 update: “Therefore much of this article’s information specific to Tribewanted Ltd. is no longer valid. We will not remove the article, however, because it is valid in the original context that it was presented, and will serve to show people in the future how the Tribewanted project successfully evolved from its shaky beginnings.”

So we can rest easy that it’s no longer thought of as a scam. I absolutely understand why people would be hesitant to put so much money into project when it’s first starting but these boys obviously had a pretty good idea of what they were doing. The best part? They weren’t much older than I am now when they started this venture.

All I want now is to swim in the sea…

With love – M


Above you shall find my little side crafty items that I’ve been working on since January 2010. Not these exact ones, of course. There were plenty of failures on the way but I think these are nice enough to display. I’ve got quite a few more to take pictures of now, which is kind of exciting. I’m not used to making things like this by hand. My lovely friend Nathalie was nice enough to showcase my hairpieces for me.

If there’s some interest in them, I might try selling some on Etsy but for now you’ll have to throw me a message if one catches your eye. As a refresh, kanzashi are the flowers that geisha and maiko wear made out of folded fabric. My flowers are a little stylized but the idea is the same.

On the job front, I’m not ‘hired’ with The Creative Group after an interview with them in Philly. It was an adventure getting to and from there since I didn’t want to pay for parking. When is the train not an adventure? Aside from that, I recommend trying to get an interview with them if you’re local. It’s been a good experience so far. I’ve had other friends work them before and they also say good things. Even though my hopes are high for this agency, I have begun to extend my net to the rest of the country. Maybe my overqualified, under-experienced self will be in need elsewhere, if not here.

With love – M

Sadly, I haven’t had the time to work artistically for myself lately that I would like. Happily, that time has been put toward a cause much bigger than advancing my artistic self. Namely, working to help keep the fine arts after school program of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware, Pegasus Art Works, a reality and not just a memory.

Below are a taste of what’s been going on in the Pegasus office. The chairs are very nice adirondack chairs, child size, and I used the kids artwork as inspiration. Called Sunrise, Sunset, they sold as a set in a recent auction for the program. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed painting these and look forward to doing something like this again, for the clubs or otherwise.

One quick watercolor painting to add to the pot. These are too relaxing and rejuvenating for their own good. I wonder why I had such trouble painting like this until now…maybe all that college stress really isn’t good for your mental stability.

Anyway, here’s a nice momma and her newborn cub. The reference it was from a random, old, nature calendar. I realize I changed the face angle a bit…I think it was subconsciously on purpose. I hope it didn’t ruin the overall feeling too much.

With love – M

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