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Two important updates. No wait, three.

I was recently informed that, though I made it to the final three, I was not the one chosen for the graphic design position at a downtown law firm. I am a tad sad but good news was on the horizon as I also found out that the marketing assistant position is now moving forward finally and will be making a decision soon (that’s the one with a construction management company). The later is through a recruiting agency so I am interested as to how that will go. If all else fails, I will be doing art classes every day of the week but Sunday for the local Boys and Girls Clubs. No matter what, I will have some sort of income…and since my loans are starting to rear their ugly heads, this is indeed a very good thing.

The art show was last night and in my opinion, it looked pretty fabulous all things considered. This was the Pegasus ArtWorks 3rd Annual Art Show for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware. I even got to see one of my students there who wanted to come see her work on display. I wish I could describe her smile but I think it’s better left untouched. Let’s just agree that it was splendid. It makes working for a  non-profit entirely worth it. Even some of my pieces were on display. I’m rather anxious to hear how they did as far as sales. The main point of the show is not only to display the year’s work but also to cover the costs of the show and beyond.

My next note is this: Imogen Heap is a goddess. A lovely gentleman in the audience was kind enough to shout out these words to her at a opertune time. She then followed with the comment that instead of having a rooster wake her up in the morning with “cockadoodledoo”, she would rather he wake her up “you’re a goddess!”. To this, my friends and I agreed this would be suitable for all of us. We should find this man and hold him to this request. Every girl could use a little self-confidence boost in the morning.

I digress, it was a fabulous concert. Glorious even. I have never been so intrigued by so many sounds in one evening. When someone walks out on stage with a long plastic tube, the last thing one usual expects is for him or her to start swinging it above their head an start singing along with the sound it’s making. I would venture to call it “sound rapture”. And yes, my friends and I had glitter in our hair and Imogen made wine glasses sing. We sang together, and I don’t mean we sang along simply, I mean she made us the back ground music/chorus for 2 of the songs (Just for Now and Hide and Seek). We even made an entirely new song together. She’s really quite ingenious. To raise money for our city’s chosen charity, she has the audience select a key, a rhythm style, a tempo, and then she creates a song right there on the spot with it. Philly’s charity was Tri-State Bird and Rescue, our key was E major, our rhythm was waltz, and our tempo was something outrageous like 184.3. I couldn’t have been more tickled.

I’m think about doing a painting of her…either watercolor or soft pastels. REALLY BIG. Time to do some sketching.

With love – M


A handful of very special tickets arrived today. They involve a certain British lady, she’s quite popular in her own special way. I am tickled pink about going to see her and about who I will be seeing her with. Sorry to end that with a preposition. I don’t like doing it but sometimes it seems so unavoidable.

Moving on, I want to plug one of her videos. Without fail, this song always makes me sing along (which is weird considering all the alterations to the voice involved) and I would love to do an accapella version of it. Any takers?

Interviews are stressful enough on there own. Now imagine being locked in a meeting room on the 21st floor of a high rise in downtown, lawyers and the like walking by and having meetings nearby, and you have to create design work for a potential employer. Now imagine that you have 2 hours to complete this design, cut that time short and compound it with the fact that you must create a 4 page brochure and single page website. Mmm thrills and chills. No matter, I feel that I came out triumphant, at least for my own sake. Whether or not they hire me based on it…we’ll just have to wait and see next week.

Still don’t have my laptop…boo. Pray for it’s safe return from the bowls of ASUS repair hell.

With love – M

Ah Mother’s Day. Even I get hugs and thanks yous. All I do is try to teach art. I think real mom’s have it a bit tougher.

In tribute, I have taken these photos for my mom of her roses. These specific roses were given to her by a group she works with at church. Not for church, however, this is a group whose purpose is to allow mother’s of young children to come together and have peace and quiet for a while without having to pay for a babysitter. Anyway, I don’t think my photos do them much justice but I gave it a try anyway.

Happy Mother’s Day

With love – M

Another practice with watercolor. I think I rushed this one a bit too much. A little too much anxiety for some reason. Plus the green on green was hard to get right…ended up adding too many layers for a proper watercolor. Anyway, I still enjoyed it in the end. These little guys were so gosh darn cute. A friend of mine said she liked it because they look like they’re really smiling. Maybe they are. Reference used was another random wildlife calender from ages past.

With love – M

I just finished this one today so I figured I’d throw it up. Referenced an older photo from a nature calendar.

Edit: Reference photo added.

With love – M

I just finished a new watercolor piece last night and I’m currently still proud of it. Before I lose that pride and become disgusted with it, I shall rant about it. Below is a series of pics from main process points. The sketch to the first layer of color to the final. I had more fun than I though I would. I already see disproportionate areas…like the eyes and ear and the background being way too dark on the right side. Oh well. If you notice anything else, tell me. Sad news – had to use an open source program to do my photo editing on this…hence the poor color correction and such. I can’t wait to get my baby aka laptop that can run Cs4 back. Pray for me.

With love – M

My recent lack of a digital presence is due to my laptop being with the ASUS folks getting its speakers fixed. Nothing major but I wanted it taken care of before the warranty runs out…next year. Anyway, just a quick sum up for you.

I have recovered from my second pre-marriage extravaganza in a one week period. First was a bachelorette and the second a stag. Both equally fun and delicious. I have to say, if you’re looking for a fun club in Philly for that sort of thing, G-lounge fits the bill. Or if you want a good show, Peek-a-Boo Revue next time it comes to World Cafe might be more to your liking. Both involve imaginative drinks and easily navigable bathrooms.

Though I still await contact for the second phase of interviews from my recent job contacts, my hopes are starting to wain. I have gotten over it and am now focusing again on my immediate prospects.  Below are two watercolor pieces I did as a practice for color combinations and blending. I really enjoyed doing them, it was quite rejuvenating. I’ve still got a lot to learn so please give me criticism

With love – M

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