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Unfortunately, living happily also means I have less drive to draw… much less. However, I have a few things here that have been piling up. Now that the cold days are back again, maybe I’ll be more inclined to dabble again. Japan is just too engaging for me. So much to see and do.

I’d like to do a post about how Japan has effected my perception, artistically, and what it’s been like not being artsy on a regular basis. Torn is probably a good word for it. Anyways, here are some drawings.

With love – M


Well I’m back in Japan. To read updates on my recent travels and adventures, see my Japan blog – One awesome extra in visiting home was it gave me the opportunity to bring back ALL of my copics and my watercolor supplies. Work starts up again on Monday for me but I think having supplies with me will help me stay focused on practicing my techniques.

Below is a new piece I just finished with copics today and, to be honest, I really like it right now. This is a rare moment. I’d like to share it with you before I start to loathe it. I’m still hesitant to mess with backgrounds. Maybe I should just do some scenery practice for a while until I get the hang of it. I remember reading from professional painters that usually, the background comes first, figure second.

I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere had a sweet summer. Mine flew by way to fast. Guess that means I’m having too much fun.

Copic sketch markers and some white acrylic paint

With love – M

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These pieces are the first I’ve colored since moving to Japan. I might have a few more… if one of my markers hadn’t run out. Haven’t been able to find a place that sells refill cartridges for copics yet. I hope you enjoy my little morsels, though they tend to harbor similar color pallets.

For some more, see me DA account here. Everything looks better with a little white paint ^^.

With love – M

Below are 3 pictures, 2 line arts and one finished Copic piece from yesterday. Nothing amazing but progress is being made. What could be more important? Follow here for more.

I received an email yesterday that was a bit of a heart stopper, in a good way. It was from a fortune 500 company’s human resource department asking for my information from me concerning a position they had open. It would be a dream job to me, to say the least. They used many of my favorite buzz words that you don’t usually see from a company looking for a graphic designer. Things like “inject inspiration and creativity into the innovation process” and “a passion for product innovation and creation”. Best and craziest part? Guess where their two locations are. Oh come on, guess. Ok ok it’s Hong Kong…and Wilmington, DE. Nice, right?

With love – M

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