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Well I’m back in Japan. To read updates on my recent travels and adventures, see my Japan blog – One awesome extra in visiting home was it gave me the opportunity to bring back ALL of my copics and my watercolor supplies. Work starts up again on Monday for me but I think having supplies with me will help me stay focused on practicing my techniques.

Below is a new piece I just finished with copics today and, to be honest, I really like it right now. This is a rare moment. I’d like to share it with you before I start to loathe it. I’m still hesitant to mess with backgrounds. Maybe I should just do some scenery practice for a while until I get the hang of it. I remember reading from professional painters that usually, the background comes first, figure second.

I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere had a sweet summer. Mine flew by way to fast. Guess that means I’m having too much fun.

Copic sketch markers and some white acrylic paint

With love – M

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These pieces are the first I’ve colored since moving to Japan. I might have a few more… if one of my markers hadn’t run out. Haven’t been able to find a place that sells refill cartridges for copics yet. I hope you enjoy my little morsels, though they tend to harbor similar color pallets.

For some more, see me DA account here. Everything looks better with a little white paint ^^.

With love – M

Actually, I just experienced my first typhoon here in Nanao. It added to a rather lonely feeling weekend, even though I saw friends every day. The one nice thing about loneliness for me is that it tends to get me more motivated with artistic endeavors. In fact, any sort of negative state of mind works well towards this end. And sorry for the lack of posts here. Please check my japan blog if you’re interested in what I’ve been up to in Japan.

My kanzashi supplies are here and I cut some fabric the other day to try with starch I had found here in Japan. Not the right starch. Next I’m gonna pick up some Spray Nori (glue) and maybe another type of starch in a different brand. And I did NOT know that chirimin fabric shrunk so much when made wet. Still excited to make some new pieces and use some wonderfully authentic fabrics.

One thing I can show for my efforts is the sketch below along with a few others on my tumblr and DA sites. I don’t like double posting so sketches go on tumblr and everything that’s at least mildly finished goes on DA. I’m attempting to get into a groove here. After so much running around and seeing all there is to see, now I’ve slowed down to the point where I feel like I’m standing still. Next, I need to find some nice white gel pens and acrylic paint so I can finish a few copic pieces and start on some new ones. I also played with painting with my mouse ( I decided not to bring my wacom because it’s old and unreliable) but it’s difficult and takes a bit longer than with a pen.

I’ve been thinking about looking for some design contests to play with as well. Maybe on DA or elsewhere. Nothing I have to pay to get into, though. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

With love – M

I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so. Not actually, but the song is irritatingly catchy. :ahem: Moving on, for anyone who doesn’t already know, I am leaving the US of A to live and work in Japan sometime in March. I’m hoping for the end of March… but at this point nobody knows. I have been considering how to handle my time over there as far as blogging because, obviously, I’ll want to talk about it. Likely all the time such as I’m doing right now. Sorry everyone.

Though it would be slightly easier to just have one blog for my whole life, that’s just silly. I have decided to keep this blog dedicated to my artistic and business pursuits.  In order to fulfill my need to ramble on about my findings abroad, I have created a new blog called meredithjapan. Simple. Effective. I hope. May it bring many hours of random information.

In summary, no longer will I discuss Japan directly on this blog. Unless of course it deals directly with my art stuffs. Cheers and applause erupt.

With love – M

I just threw this together last night. Literally, my head was stuck on this image like broken record. I haven’t touched my acrylics in months. They’re so scary. So instead of using something nice and be all worried about messing it up, I used cardboard… low and behold, I like it. It’s not great, there are several things seriously wrong with it, but in all it’s faults I can honestly say I’m proud of myself. Now that I’m done patting myself on the back about it, I need to talk about what’s wrong with it.

Being in acrylics, I tried to work very fast. Gobs of glazing liquid to keep things moist, water to blend a little, and limited colors were my allies. I spent maybe 20 mins sketching it out. I knew exactly what I was going for so it wasn’t hard. Then it was like a race horse out of the gate. I’ve never blended and mixed that fast in my life. As soon as I was done, I was in a state of wtf. I thought it was stupid. But I set it aside and now it’s grown on me. Unfortunately, the nose should look like two nostrils on each side, the skin was supposed to be more green, the eyes were maybe a bit too large, and the face doesn’t come off as very masculine. If you notice anything else glaring, let me know. I’m not going to mess with this piece anymore but I’d like to know for future reference.

A little background on the Drell: they’re a race of reptilian like people in the game Mass Effect 2. Great game, greater diversity conversation tool. There’s so much interspecies stuff going on, it helps to put our petty differences as humans into perspective. Obviously, my painting looks nothing like a Drell. This is on purpose as I was going for a more humanoid looking Drell. Maybe the offspring of an interspecies love affair or something. Whatever the case, this is technically fan art as far as I’m concerned.

I’d like to try my hand at some of the other species on my remaining cardboard. I know I should probably use my good stuff but… I’m just not ready yet.

With love – M


If there is such a thing as watercolor theory, I have no clue how to understand it. I feel like I’m back in school and my smart math friends are telling me about detailed stuff from their physics class in a language I don’t understand. Meanwhile, I’m doing homework for an environmental science class. Anyone who’s had either of those classes should now be nodding their heads. No? Let me explain: Physics is all about the details. I push you, you fall unless something acts to stop you. Cut and dry. Environmental science is for those of us who like the big picture. Idea people, large scale, long term, multiple scenarios/possibilites/outcomes. At least that’s my perception of it all.

Art? It’s a mixed bag but to become a master, you need both. You have to think BIG while paying attention to all those little details or else you’ll fall on your bum quicker than cookies in front of my boyfriend.

But let me not runaway with myself. A quick update, shall we?

Japan- Yes, I’m still going. I should be leaving sometime around the 3rd week in March, do not quote me on that. The tickets are not yet bought and I have not yet been placed. That being said, NO I haven’t a clue where I’ll be yet. Hopefully it will be fabulous and everyone will come visit me. I can dream. And surprise of surprises, I’m actually saving enough money to afford to move over there. Phew. Next!

Kanzashi – Though I’ve paused over that last month for holidays and the sake of my thumbs, I am still making hairpieces. Yes, I am actually selling them to people, which is lovely. Even more lovely when it’s been someone I don’t know. I love new friends. But it’s absolutely been my old friends that have been my strongest supporters. THANKS GUYS!

Well I think that’s enough for now. Maybe I’ll do a thought provoking post soon. Always nice to get those off your chest. Below you’ll find the watercolor piece I had been struggling with, finished. The other image is a work in progress shot.

With love – M


UPDATE 12/26 2:30 pm: He’s home!! Thank you to everyone praying on this, I really do think it made a difference. My mom found him in a neighbors screen porch just before the heavy snow started. Thank goodness!

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with my art or work… but I miss him so much!

Floyd was lost on Christmas Eve. He got outside and didn’t come back. We have scoured our house and neighborhood in search of him. He’s been indoor since we got him and has no desire to go outside, doesn’t like the cold. We believe someone may have let him inside because he’s very friendly and affectionate. He had his green collar with tag on at the time but it’s a pop off safety collar so it may have come off.

If you’ve seen him, dead or alive, please let me know!


Gray and white with a dark gray nose and gray tail

8 lbs and 6 months old

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