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Watercolor theory

Posted on: January 11, 2011

If there is such a thing as watercolor theory, I have no clue how to understand it. I feel like I’m back in school and my smart math friends are telling me about detailed stuff from their physics class in a language I don’t understand. Meanwhile, I’m doing homework for an environmental science class. Anyone who’s had either of those classes should now be nodding their heads. No? Let me explain: Physics is all about the details. I push you, you fall unless something acts to stop you. Cut and dry. Environmental science is for those of us who like the big picture. Idea people, large scale, long term, multiple scenarios/possibilites/outcomes. At least that’s my perception of it all.

Art? It’s a mixed bag but to become a master, you need both. You have to think BIG while paying attention to all those little details or else you’ll fall on your bum quicker than cookies in front of my boyfriend.

But let me not runaway with myself. A quick update, shall we?

Japan- Yes, I’m still going. I should be leaving sometime around the 3rd week in March, do not quote me on that. The tickets are not yet bought and I have not yet been placed. That being said, NO I haven’t a clue where I’ll be yet. Hopefully it will be fabulous and everyone will come visit me. I can dream. And surprise of surprises, I’m actually saving enough money to afford to move over there. Phew. Next!

Kanzashi – Though I’ve paused over that last month for holidays and the sake of my thumbs, I am still making hairpieces. Yes, I am actually selling them to people, which is lovely. Even more lovely when it’s been someone I don’t know. I love new friends. But it’s absolutely been my old friends that have been my strongest supporters. THANKS GUYS!

Well I think that’s enough for now. Maybe I’ll do a thought provoking post soon. Always nice to get those off your chest. Below you’ll find the watercolor piece I had been struggling with, finished. The other image is a work in progress shot.

With love – M



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