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Artsy update – Surprise! You’ve got chairs…

Posted on: June 13, 2010

Sadly, I haven’t had the time to work artistically for myself lately that I would like. Happily, that time has been put toward a cause much bigger than advancing my artistic self. Namely, working to help keep the fine arts after school program of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware, Pegasus Art Works, a reality and not just a memory.

Below are a taste of what’s been going on in the Pegasus office. The chairs are very nice adirondack chairs, child size, and I used the kids artwork as inspiration. Called Sunrise, Sunset, they sold as a set in a recent auction for the program. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed painting these and look forward to doing something like this again, for the clubs or otherwise.

One quick watercolor painting to add to the pot. These are too relaxing and rejuvenating for their own good. I wonder why I had such trouble painting like this until now…maybe all that college stress really isn’t good for your mental stability.

Anyway, here’s a nice momma and her newborn cub. The reference it was from a random, old, nature calendar. I realize I changed the face angle a bit…I think it was subconsciously on purpose. I hope it didn’t ruin the overall feeling too much.

With love – M


2 Responses to "Artsy update – Surprise! You’ve got chairs…"

Fun chair designs and great colors!

PS. The new blog theme is great. 🙂

Lol thanks Kristy. I’m glad you like the chairs and the change. I’m hoping to learn more about wordpress so I can edit the background and css at least.

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