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Networking: Not enough time in the day.

Posted on: April 19, 2010

Usually when folks mention that they were networking, I used to think it had to do with handing out business cards and giving a summary of your life’s achievements to someone who is likely more interested in the glass of wine or h’orderves he or she is holding. Thank goodness that’s not the norm. Being the fresh spring chicken that I am, I have only had the pleasure of attending a couple real events so far where mingling was the order of the day and the topic could turn to work. I guess the most important part here is that for me, and many in my field, our work is also our pleasure.

Just yesterday I had the opportunity to go peruse the new meat getting ready for slaughter at Cabrini College’s Senior Design Show. I say slaughter because their portfolio reviews are quickly approaching and they have the added pressure of having to present it themselves. My class was not privy to that experience, to out detriment. It’s so inspiring to see one’s old professors still working hard at improving every level of the program. Even better, all this effort shined through in the students work.

Back to the networking: it was all a bit overwhelming but I think I did well. My immediate goal was of course to see the new work, to catch with friends and professors from last year that I missed and to enjoy taking a reminiscing stroll around the campus. After I completed these objectives, I decided it was time for bigger things. It even happened that I was not the only alumnus/alumna present.

In the end, I connected and shared vital information with old friends and new friends. I wish that I had had business cards with me to hand out but I felt it would have been a little insulting to the students showing their work. I wanted them to feel I was really their for them first and for me second. I can honestly say I never imagined networking could actually be fun. Maybe later I’ll talk more about networking via the inter-webs but for now, there’s just not enough time in the day.

With love – M


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